Berlin's Best Currywurst

Berlin's Best Currywurst

A Gastronomic Journey Through the City's Iconic Dish

Among the Berlin's many gastronomic delights, one dish stands out for its ubiquity and popularity: the Currywurst. This humble yet delicious street food, consisting of steamed, then fried pork sausage, typically cut into slices and seasoned with curry ketchup, is a must-try for any food lover visiting Berlin.

The Currywurst has a history as rich as its flavor. It was invented in 1949 by Herta Heuwer in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. She obtained ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and curry powder from British soldiers stationed in Germany. She mixed these ingredients together and poured the sauce over the grilled pork sausage. Heuwer originally served it from a booth on the corner of Kantstraße and Kaiser-Friedrichstraße. The dish was an instant hit among the locals, quickly spreading to other parts of Germany.

Today, Currywurst is considered a symbol of German ingenuity and resilience, and it's estimated that 800 million Currywursts are consumed annually in Germany. Now world-famous, it's more than just a sausage with ketchup; it's a taste of Berlin's history and culture.
In this article, we'll take you on a culinary journey through Berlin, highlighting some of the best places to enjoy this iconic dish.

Konnopke's Imbiss

No list of Currywurst establishments would be complete without mentioning Konnopke's Imbiss. Located under the elevated U-Bahn tracks in Prenzlauer Berg, this family-run business has been serving Currywurst since 1960. Their secret recipe curry ketchup, handed down through generations, is a perfect blend of tangy and spicy, making their Currywurst a standout.

Address: Schönhauser Allee 44b, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Curry 36

Curry 36, located  located on Mehringdamm in Kreuzberg, is another legendary Currywurst joint. Known for its fast service and consistently delicious Currywurst, it's a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Their Currywurst is served with a generous helping of curry powder on top, giving it an extra kick. Don't forget to try their fries, which are some of the best in the city.

Address: Mehringdamm 36, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Witty's - Die Bio-Currywurst

Witty's, located near the bustling KaDeWe department store in Schöneberg, offers a unique twist on the traditional Currywurst. They pride themselves on using organic, locally sourced ingredients. Their sausages are made from organic pork, and their curry ketchup is made in-house. If you're looking for a healthier version of Currywurst without compromising on taste, Witty's is the place to go.

Address:Wittenbergpl. 5, 10789 Berlin, Germany

Curry Baude Gesundbrunnen

Curry Baude in Wedding is a bit off the beaten path, but it's well worth the detour. The owner, Brigitte, is known for her fiery personality and her equally fiery Currywurst. The sausages are grilled over charcoal, giving them a smoky flavor that perfectly complements the spicy curry ketchup.

Address: Badstraße 1-5, 13357 Berlin, Germany  

Curry & Chili

For those who like their Currywurst extra spicy, Curry & Chili in Wedding is a must-visit. They claim to be the spiciest Currywurst in Berlin, and they're not kidding. You can choose your spice level, but be warned, even their medium spice level is quite hot.

Address: Osloer Str., 13359 Berlin, Germany

Cult Curry Mitte

Cult Curry Mitte, located in the heart of Berlin, is a newer addition to the Currywurst scene, but it has quickly made a name for itself. Their Currywurst is made from high-quality pork and served with a homemade curry ketchup that has a hint of sweetness. The modern, clean interior of Curry Mitte is a nice contrast to the more traditional Currywurst stands.

Address: Torstraße 122, 10119 Berlin, Germany


Berlin's Currywurst scene is as diverse as the city itself. Whether you prefer your Currywurst traditional or with a twist, spicy or mild, there's a Currywurst stand in Berlin that's perfect for you. So next time you're in Berlin, make sure to try this iconic dish. It's more than just a sausage with ketchup; it's a taste of Berlin's history and culture.