Badeschiff at Arena Berlin

Badeschiff at Arena Berlin

The Best Outdoor Swimming Pool in Berlin

The Badeschiff, which translates to "bathing ship," is a floating public swimming pool on the Spree River in Berlin. It is an innovative and unique tourist attraction, part of the Arena Berlin complex in the district of Treptow-Köpenick, known for its vibrant cultural and nightlife scene.

Address and Directions:

Badeschiff Berlin,
Eichenstraße 4,
12435 Berlin

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The Floating Pool in the Spree River: Badeschiff

Visiting the Badeschiff allows you to experience Berlin's creative and modern spirit while enjoying leisure activities. It is not just a swimming pool, but a social gathering space that blends relaxation, entertainment, and culture, making it an unmissable experience for any visitor to Berlin.

The pool is actually a converted barge, which means you can float in the waters of the Spree, without actually being in the river itself. It's particularly refreshing and popular on hot summer days, offering a cool respite from the city's heat.

The Badeschiff provides impressive views of the city, particularly the Oberbaum Bridge and the TV Tower, enhancing your swimming experience with a fantastic urban panorama. Looking in the other direction, you can see the famous Molecule Man, a 30-meter-high sculpture designed by the American artist Jonathan Borofsky. It truly is a unique perspective from the pool that, in my opinion, has a very calming effect. 

Adjacent to the pool, you'll find a spacious sandy beach area equipped with hammocks, loungers, and a beach bar. Here, you can enjoy refreshing cocktails, beers, and light snacks. The Badeschiff also hosts various events, including yoga classes, concerts, and parties, especially in the summer months.

In the colder months, the Badeschiff transforms into a wellness retreat, with the pool being covered and heated, and saunas installed on the site. You can swim in warm water, then enjoy a relaxing session in the sauna, while still enjoying the views of the river and city beyond.

Badeschiff is part of the Arena Berlin, a cultural hub which also hosts music concerts, festivals, and food events, offering plenty of entertainment options.

Know Before You Go

  • The venue has a limited capacity and sells out quickly, so be sure to book a time slot online on their website.
  • No cancellation, no exchange possible!
  • The pool is only available for swimmers. No swimming aids allowed, no children’s pool available.

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