Berlin Highlights

Berlin Highlights

Sightseeing Bike Tour
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The perfect way to get to know Berlin

This bike tour through Berlin is ideal for first time visitors, as well as for history buffs. 

Duration & length

  • 3 hours and 30 minutes;
  • 12 -15 kilometers


  • Check the schedule for availability and prices

Discover Berlin's Highlights by bike!

Berlin is an exciting and quirky collage, an eclectic and edgy mix full of contradictions. Every historical era has had its share of destruction, both intentional and otherwise, leaving behind opportunities to rebuild. This happened both with style and modernity, and often with unusual utopian ideals, making Berlin what it is today. We ride through 800 years of Berlin history: from historic to modern aspects, where the renowned and the questionable come together to create a city unlike any other.

The Berlin Highlights Bicycle Tour takes in all the central sights of Berlin, and beyond. With an interesting mix of entertainment and information, we bring you closer to many complicated and significant topics with ease.

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