Battle of Berlin

Battle of Berlin

World War II Battlefield Tour
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Join this tour to gain an in-depth understanding of the military aspects and the historical significance of the final days of World War II in Berlin. You will also hear some stories of individuals from both sides.


  • Approximately 2 hours


  • Adults (16+) - €40         
  • Children (13 - 15 years old) - €25

Tour Schedule

  • Wed, Fri, Sun at 10:00 

The Battle of Berlin Tour with a Military Expert

This tour, with Berlin’s only guide specializing in World War II history and battlefield exploration, provides an in-depth overview of the pivotal events, strategy, locations, and key figures involved in the Battle of Berlin. It focuses on the intense confrontations around the Reichstag, culminating in the German Break-Out.

You'll be transported back in time, right to the heart of the battle. Hear the roar of the feared MG42 and the hiss and snap of artillery as our expert guide unravels the intricate tales of bravery, and sacrifice, offering you an immersive experience like no other.

We encourage you to ask your guide questions during the tour, which will make this experience more personal for you and will help the group have a more unique and lively experience.

This tour is equally suitable for history buffs and those who are just curious about World War II events.

Go on this journey to elevate the feel of history from basic knowledge to deep, emotional understanding. And even if you know very little about the matter yet, the guide will give all the information in a straightforward, chronological manner, making it easy to follow and comprehend.

  • The Moltke Bridge: Witness the strategic importance of this bridge and the fierce battles that took place.
  • Konigplatz - The Assault: Relive the intense moments leading up to the assault on the Reichstag.
  • The Reichstag: Explore the iconic symbol of unity and the primary objective of the war for the Soviets.
  • Wiedendammer Bridge: Experience the tales of desperation, hope, and carnage that unfolded on this bridge.
  • Walk in the footsteps of the 3rd Shock Army
  • Discover the locations of key street battles and witness the scars left behind
  • Hear the story behind the Soviet flag-raising over the Reichstag

Meeting Point

MEININGER Hotel Berlin Central Station  See it on Google
Ella-Trebe-Straße 9, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Tour Ending Point

The tour ends about 2 km from the starting point, at the S+ U Freidrichstrasse Station. It is a very central location, which offers practical options of public transportation to take you to your next destination. It is also a great area, for dining and shopping. See it on Google

Good to Know
Is this tour accessible?
Yes, the tour is wheelchair and disability accessible. Our guides are trained to lead tours for visitors with various access needs.
Is this tour suitable for children?
Yes. We welcome students of all ages who are interested in gaining a more profound understanding of this historical period. Younger children are also welcome when accompanied by parents and our guides accustomed to working with younger audiences. However, if you are traveling with younger children, please consider their ability to sustain the tour length.
Is it an outdoor only tour or we going to visit any buildings?
This tour is primarily an outdoor experience focused on visiting memorial sites, landmarks, and locations of historical significance. We do not go inside buildings or museums.
What if it's raining?
The tour will not be canceled in case of light rain.
What to bring for the tour?
Please check the weather forecast and wear weather-appropriate clothing and pack an umbrella if necessary. You are welcome to bring drinking water and snacks.
My tour is booked! What's next?
Check your email. In a short time after submitting the booking form, you shall receive a confirmation email with all the essential information about the tour, including the meeting point and additional contact info.
Do I need to have any knowledge about WWII history?
No. The tour is designed to be suitable for everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge of the subject.
Can I cancel the tour after I booked it?
You can cancel the tour for a full refund up to 48 hours before the scheduled time. However, you will be liable to pay the full amount if you cancel less than 48 hours before the tour.
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